Material – Ceramics

Highlighted by flashy colors, many of Nakle's pieces include symbolic elements of the North-American culture, from the Coca-Cola can to Uncle Sam in person to the worker that filters the water that those who support him will drink. These details, that loo4 more juxtaposed to the third world people's content than integrated, do not impede Nakle's figures clear position of criticism through many subtle traces. Each figure seems to indicate that they are related to the other figures, even those that appear to be observing it. Each piece in the exposed set expose a pagan idea, as much in the Satyr that blows in his bugle as in the way the "Avenging Angel" with raised sword looks like its about to sacrifice the heretic. There is, in everything, a vibration of life and contradictory ideas, lending to this young artist's pieces a soul that excites the imagination of the observer. The dominance of the technique, which can equally be observed in the small bronzes, is serving a complexity of emotions and ideas that Nakle wants to transmit for us.